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Our service promise has just two words:

it works!

Good quality doesn’t need long explanations. Good service doesn’t either. So two words are plenty to describe the complete care you get from ABP Induction. As your experienced partner for induction systems, we are well aware that you can’t afford downtime – so we work every day to make sure it doesn’t happen.


service ABC.

Our induction systems are well-designed and technically proven. You can expect the same from our manufacturer-independent service. Our expert team offers a unique service package that watches over your facility around the clock throughout its entire life cycle:

Care-Level 1

Assembly and commissioning service

Care-Level 2

Repair and spare parts service for daily operations

Care-Level 3

Upgrade service

Care-Level 1

Assembly and commissioning

We’re by your side.

From the beginning.

We perform from the first minute. Our C3 service team helps with the complete commissioning of your induction system. That means you benefit from your investment right away. We also train your employees and instruct them in the operation of your system. And naturally, from the beginning we can advise you on all issues around your ABP induction system.

Our service areas


  • Time is money. Nobody understands that better than you as a plant operator. The faster and more economical system commissioning is, the sooner you can start making money with it. Our fully trained personnel stay with you through the process, so that everything goes the way it’s supposed to, from the start.


  • Stay at the top of industry knowledge with our wide array of training offerings in the field of melting and heating.


  • Do you need a specialist advisor to get the best possible use out of your plant? Are you looking for industry experts who understand your production processes and context, and can think outside the box? We won’t let you down.
  • We can also help you identify and make use of hidden potential. With our individual customer- and industry-specific consulting, you can find ways and means to optimize your operations.

Carelevel 1: Montage und Inbetriebnahme
Your advantages:
  • Your system is assembled quickly
  • You can start operation faster
  • You receive professional training and advice

Care-Level 2

Repairs and spares

When you’re successful,

it means we’ve done our job right.

Preventing downtime is our most important job. Our preventive maintenance contracts predict and address parts wear to ensure the ongoing productivity of your plant operations. Still, even with the best planning, the unexpected can happen. If it does, our customer service is there for you around the clock. With offices and partners in the world’s major industrial regions, we can get parts and help to you quickly, typically within 24 hours.

Our serice areas

Original spares

  • Spare parts service is all about speed. And we’re fast – orders usually leave our service centers the same day. You can be sure that the parts and documentation you need get to you in good time.
  • Original ABP Induction Systems spare parts maintain the performance of your plant and help secure maximum value retention.

24/7 expert support and remote online support

  • Do you need service around the clock? At the Complete Customer Care 24 h service hotline you can reach experienced service specialists 365 days a year.

On-site repair

  • If needed, our expert engineers and technicians remedy the problem on-site.

Factory repair

  • Our factory repair service offers repair and overhauls of individual plant components. Continuous product training keeps our team at the forefront of technology, so we can ensure your plant availability and productivity stays at a high level.


  • Our modular maintenance packages improve your plant availability and reduce unplanned downtime. We can provide thorough inspection and fine-tuning of your plant’s technical condition, and replace wear parts where necessary.

Carelevel 2: Reparatur und Ersatzteile
Your advantages:
  • We prevent downtime
  • We maintain the value of your plant
  • We help your operations run economically

Care-Level 3


We’re already thinking about tomorrow.

But most of all we’re thinking about your success.

We want you to stay successful going forward. That’s our idea of what a productive partnership should be. So our C3 Complete Customer Care also addresses issues like upgrades, general overhauls, and audits.
Our comprehensive expertise in the area of induction systems is your competitive advantage. Make use of our service offerings. We’ll take care of the equipment, so you can take care of business.

Our service areas

Change of location

  • Planning to move your plant? With great specialist expertise and all the necessary equipment, we help you plan and execute the move so that you are back in production as quickly and smoothly as possible.


  • To give you the best possible productivity and functionality, your system needs to be state of the art. We can help you keep it that way. With our upgrade service, knowledge, and the latest solutions, your modernization amortizes very quickly. Our experienced service personnel are always available, so that you have assistance at every phase of the product life cycle.

General overhaul

  • With a general overhaul we retrofit your system to the latest mechanical, electrical, and control standards. This means higher reliability, efficiency, and productivity, without needing to invest in a new system.

Carelevel 3: Modernisierung
Your advantages:
  • We make your plant ready for the future
  • We optimize your workflow
  • We advise you proactively on new technologies

We’re represented the world over.

And we’re right around the corner when you need us.

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